[Infographic] How To Win With Video Marketing For Your Brand


Do you want to increase your CTRs, Facebook relevance score, reach more people on social, and increase brand awareness and ad message recall? Then video is something you need to add to your marketing mix.

Long have regular marketers shied away from video as it has been complicated, expensive and time consuming. But the fact is you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars per video, shoot and edit it yourself with expensive gear and software, or come up with some brilliant video script that will surely (not) go viral.

In fact, nowadays it easier than ever for marketers to make and add video to their regular marketing mix. It’s not a matter of becoming the next YouTube sensation, or making that viral video ad ala Dollar Shave Club. You don’t need to shift your whole marketing time and budget to just video marketing, but it is a perfect supplement to a marketing strategy that’s already in place.

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Figuring Out How You’re Going To Win With Video Marketing

Before you start throwing random video onto the web to see what sticks, start by figuring out the WHY of your video marketing strategy.

Write down 1–3 things you want to accomplish with using video. Determining the “Why” is essential to be able to win with video marketing and it’s going to shape what kind of videos you’re going to make and which channels you’ll be using. Take inspiration from some of these statements and check the suggested kind of videos you should make, or add your own.

Check out this infographic and see if any of the statements fits you:

You guide to video marketing

Found something that speaks to you? Now it’s time to start creating that kind of video content! But fear not, it’s not as difficult as you might think. You don’t need a $3000 camera, a university degree in video editing, the creativity and film making skills of Quentin Tarantino, or the budget of a Fortune 500 company to crush it with video marketing. Download the free ebook below and get the basics of video marketing. You’ll learn how to win with video on Facebook, how to make videos by hiring an online freelancer or using Shakr, how to make a video marketing strategy, and much more!

Getting Started With Video Marketing

Are you ready to get started with video marketing for your business or brand? Download this free ebook called “Video Marketing For Businesses — The Ultimate Guide”! It’s smack full of valuable tips and tricks about how to define your video marketing strategy, how to make a video by using online services, or how to hire a freelancer to do it for you!

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Video Marketing For Businesses - The Ultimate Guide

Originally published at Shakr Video Marketing Blog.

Video Marketing Tips

Learn how to leverage the power of video and increase your marketing performance with video.


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    Video Marketing Tips

    Learn how to leverage the power of video and increase your marketing performance with video.

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