NEW! VideoAmp’s Engineering Site

We are thrilled to announce the launch of — VideoAmp’s Engineering website. Built by and for engineers, this site is dedicated to sharing how we build, design, and communicate in order to create cutting-edge advertising solutions and innovative products for media buyers and the brands they support.

The future of TV, and its convergence with digital video, is deeply geeky, disruptive and intense. With this site, we seek to engage the LA technology and engineering communities and start to share our ideas, our work culture, and the insights we uncover along the way.

Super Sweet Features Include:

  • Employee experiences & testimonials
  • Problems we solve, and how we approach them
  • Blog posts and POVs
  • How we take care of our engineers
  • Current job openings

We hope you enjoy our distinct engineering voice, personality, and the projects we will be sharing. Feel welcome to engage, ask questions, and make comments here on this Medium blog, which is an integral part of the new site.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our job postings. We’re growing! And we want everyone to know it.

— Engineering @ VideoAmp