Halsey Minor Presenting at World Knowledge Forum in South Korea

Oct 4, 2018 · 3 min read

We are excited to share with you all VideoCoin’s Strategic Technology Partner and Investor, Halsey Minor, is presenting at the World Knowledge Forum, in Seoul, South Korea from October 9–13, 2018. We realize Korea is a long way from America but not to worry, Halsey’s talks will be recorded and available later on YouTube.

World Knowledge Forum, South Korea

The World Knowledge Forum has grown to become the largest knowledge festival in the world, hosting over 4,000 speakers and 43,000 participants since its inception in 2000. The Forum serves as a platform for discussions to promote knowledge sharing and balanced global economic growth and prosperity.

Past speakers at the World Knowledge Forum include George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Francois Hollande, former President of the French Republic; Gerhard Schroeder, Former German Chancellor; Yukio Hatoyama, The 60th Prime Minister of Japan; Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft Corporation; Richard Branson, Founder & CEO of Virgin Group; Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies; and many more.

World Knowledge Forum 2018 Theme

‘Pandemonium’ refers to the devil’s den featured in the epic poem, ‘Paradise Lost’ by English poet John Milton. This word describes the chaos brought about by global challenges like geopolitical conflicts and trade wars.

The theme of the 19th World Knowledge Forum, “Collective Intelligence: Overcoming Global Pandemonium” was chosen to reflect the current situation and efforts to survive it with collective intelligence.

Halsey’s Scheduled Forum Events

If you are attending, be sure to catch Halsey at both of his talks. All times are in South Korea time (GMT+9).

2019: The Year of Enterprise Blockchain

Wednesday, October 11, 10:45–11:45 am in Room Dynasty A

This 30 minute solo presentation will be moderated by Inhyok Cha, EVP of SK Telecom.

The Next Big Thing: New Community to be Built on Blockchain

Wednesday, October 11, 4:40–6:00 pm at Jangchung Arena

This panel discussion will feature the following program guests:

  • Sheila Warren (World Economic Forum, Project Head of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology)
  • Richard Ma (Quantstamp, Co-Founder and CEO)
  • Suyong Park (Block Crafters, Founder and Managing Partner)
  • Halsey Minor (Live Planet, Founder and CEO, and VideoCoin Network, Strategic Technology Partner and Investor)
  • Moderator: Antony Lewis (R3, Director of Research)

Until recently, blockchain has been thought of as an object of speculation rather than as a new technology that can change our lives. Nevertheless, numerous experts in Silicon Valley and IT sectors view blockchain as the future technology that has the potential to become the second internet. Not only has blockchain industry attracted billions of investments, but it has also called for many skilled developers to jump into the industry. The fact that the investment funds size of cryptocurrency surpassed that of real currency in 2017 shows the firm beliefs of investment pioneers in blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies are not just replacements of real currencies, but are evolving into new forms of software and platform.

The speakers of this session have strong beliefs in blockchain to form a new ecosystem. Sheila Warren, the Project Head of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology at World Economic Forum, has said “The blockchain is the door to new digital reality.” Furthermore, Halsey Minor has asserted the blockchain will overturn the video ecosystem currently dominated by Amazon and Google.

Several questions are to be answered in this session: Why are they so enthusiastic about the blockchain technology? Why has blockchain technology emerged as the next technology? The participants of this session plan to find the solution to the questions outlined above.

For registration information, please visit the World Knowledge Forum website.


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