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3 min readJul 15, 2021

The launch of our NFT Marketplace Alpha has been a great success: It is now easier than ever to create your own NFT marketplace! Earlier this month, we also released the Alpha source code for the app. While we have been getting a lot of interest and positive feedback, there have also been some questions from the community. We’d like to answer some of those questions here:

Alpha Release Community Q&A

Q: Is there a time or file size limit for video NFTs on this marketplace?

A: If you choose textile as your storage backend, there are no limits as long as the file size is supported by Filecoin. If you pick NFT storage as your storage backend, you have a 100MB storage limit. The file size limits may increase in the future.

Q: Can NFTs be created with royalties for the original creator or owner of the NFT?

A: Yes, this will be possible. Alpha is an open-sourced app, developers can speed the process and do it themselves. Presently this feature is not implemented.

Q: Can this app be integrated with other blockchain solutions, for example, third-party storage for NFTs?

A: You have the flexibility to integrate with other apps. The code is open-sourced… the sky’s the limit!

Q: If the video NFT is modified (such as tracking pixel) and is reissued, do the rights track on the new NFT?

A: Yes, this becomes a new video. The way media rights works, IPFS calculates hashes on the media file, the media file gets mapped bit by bit and generates a CID. If the media file is modified, the CID will also change. We suggest you get familiar with your local copyright laws if you have questions about content ownership and rights.

Q: Can the seller or minter offer things like a limited number of plays, or length of playback?

A: Presently this isn’t on our roadmap. If you have suggestions, please submit them to our forum.

Q: Where are the NFT files stored and is there any cost to access them and store them?

A: The NFT files are stored on IPFS and archived on Filecoin. There is a cost associated with achieving on Filecoin, based on file size, duration, etc. However, if you use NFT.storage as the backend, the storage is free and it’s archived to Filecoin at no cost. The file will be pulled directly from IPFS using an HTTP gateway. We are currently building a caching mechanism to improve performance and reliability if IPFS gateways are down or slow.

Q: Can you separate the payments to multiple wallets?

A: This isn’t implemented, but as this is open-source content, it can be developed.

Q: When can we expect the Beta Release?

A: We are shooting for a three-month cycle and will announce the release date in the coming weeks.

Q: What’s next for the NFT Marketplace App?

A: In Beta, you will get support for non-video assets such as images, text files, audio clips… any file! GUI installer — a streamlined way to install, auctions in the marketplace, creative uses of rights management, and more.

NFT Marketplace Alpha Walkthrough

In this video, you’ll see the features and content released in Alpha. We’ll cover how to download the installer and how to get started, run through the installation process and you’ll create your very own NFT marketplace for minting resilient NFTs.

We encourage you to get started with Alpha today!

Download Alpha app here on Github: https://github.com/videocoin/videocoin-nft-installer

Have technical questions or suggestions? Ask here: https://forum.videocoin.network/c/videocoin-nft-marketplace-platform/14

Sign up for more updates: https://nft.videocoin.network/



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