Address Verification Instructions

Aug 8 · 4 min read

As part of the VideoCoin(VID) token claim process, you’ll have to submit a signed message using your Ethereum address.

Before you start

This whole process is available as a simple screencast here. Feel free to reach out on or on our Telegram channel for support.

Why is this required?

This process helps us ensure the Ethereum address you submit in our system is actually owned by you AND not issued by an exchange thus helping you avoid situations where your tokens end up in an account you cannot access.

Do I have to repeat KYC?

No. If you have finished KYC, you’re only required to submit an ETH address and verify ownership.

Step 1

Login to your VideoCoin Account at You will be presented with a status screen. Once you finish all actions that are required, you will be able to click on “Confirm your Ethereum Address”

Step 2

Click on Confirm tour ETH address

Step 3

Input your ETH address

Step 4

Copy the message hash, which is the text above in RED.

Step 5 — Created a Signed Message using MyEtherWallet

You need to be able to access your wallet via MEW, which supports multiple ways of doing so. If you are unsure how to do this, just create a new MEW wallet by following these steps on how to create a new wallet on MEW.

5.1 Visit MyEtherWallet and select Access My Wallet.

5.2 Access the Ethereum wallet for the address you entered above

5.3 Click on Message on the left-hand menu.

5.4: Input ONLY your message hash registered under your VideoCoin account into the Message field and click Sign.

5.5: Confirm Signing.

If you are accessing a hardware wallet, like Ledger, you will need to confirm the signing on your device when prompted.

5.6: Copy the full text in the Signature field and paste it into the Contributor Distribution System, the signature should look like this. Click on COPY

Step 6

Paste the signed message into your account like below and hit submit.

If everything went well, you will see this screen

You’ll then receive an email and you need to click on “Confirm Address” to finish the process.

Watch this screencast to see all the steps in one place


Q: If my wallet interface allows me to sign a message directly, can I do it from the wallet instead of on MyEtherWallet?

We require you to use MyEtherWallet to complete the registration of your wallet.

Q: What is the text generated in the Signature field?

This is a unique signature that serves as a ‘receipt’ of your signed message. You’ll need to input this full signature text into the Contributor Distribution System to prove that you own your Ethereum address.

Q: What if I lose the signature?

If you do lose this text, you may sign another message with your Ethereum address to generate another signature.

Q: What if I want to send tokens to a contract address or many different addresses?

Once you receive your tokens into an ETH address, you can send it to a contract or other addresses as you need.

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