Introducing VideoCoin Network Publisher Studio

Mar 15 · 2 min read

We are very excited to announce the availability of VideoCoin Network Publisher Studio for Download. This software provides a convenient graphical interface for users who want to access the VideoCoin Network.

You can access the VideoCoin Network using the Publisher Studio to do the following

  1. Stream your Mac camera live
  2. Screencast your Mac screen live
  3. Live stream any RTMP using a custom profile

The stream will hit the VideoCoin Network, get transcoded into HLS and will be visible in the player built into the Publisher Studio.

If you do not have access to the VideoCoin Network Alpha, apply here!


Yes, thats a screenshot of a livestream of us writing this blog post.

Under the hood

The Publisher Studio simplifies and abstracts out all of the API calls involved in accessing the VideoCoin Network. To understand the end to end flow of how the publisher studio works, check out these two videos.


We believe the publisher studio is going to be one of the most important interfaces to the VideoCoin Network. This interface simplifies access to what is otherwise a deeply technical infrastructure product.

We are working on making the Publisher Studio more powerful, flexible and easy to use.

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Powering the Internet's Largest Ecosystem

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