Live Planet Announces Strategic Partnership with Mint Werx to Offer Full Service NFT Solutions

Partnership Makes Full Service Dynamic NFT Solutions Simple for Brands and Creators

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October 14, 2021 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

LOS ANGELES — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Live Planet, a leading provider of decentralized video infrastructure and NFT technology solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Mint Werx, a premium NFT creative and production studio, to provide brands, retailers, and content creators a 360-degree approach to offering NFTs as consumer products.

The partnership pairs the cutting-edge NFT capabilities of Mint Werx with Live Planet’s VideoCoin Network that provides a complete suite of capabilities to power branded NFT storefronts and marketplaces.

VideoCoin is a native blockchain, purpose-built for mixed-media NFTs that enable unique media experiences with novel features, including on-chain digital rights management (DRM) and NFTs that are multi-asset, permissioned, and updateable. The VideoCoin Network also combines a DRM methodology and integrated decentralized storage that maintain NFT longevity and value as an asset.

Mint Werx is a fully integrated NFT studio that manages all aspects of creative production, technical implementation, and campaign activation to simplify a complex array of technologies to deliver one-of-a-kind NFTs and platforms. Mint Werx helps creators and brands build ownership in world-class NFT communities by using trailblazing solutions that harness the power of sustainable blockchain technologies, enabling authentic digital expressions that last a lifetime.

“Our partnership with VideoCoin expands what can be imagined with NFTs,” said Matt Murphy, Founder and CEO of Mint Werx. “The approach is different than anything in the market as it empowers the evolution of NFTs from single digital collectibles to progressive media libraries, unlocking new possibilities for brand engagement.”

The partnership enables a video-first approach to create fundamentally different NFTs while reducing the complexity and burden of video processing and storage. Mint Werx and VideoCoin bring together expertise in building rewarding marketplace strategies with turnkey solutions to deliver NFT integration into websites, digital platforms, events, and more.

“Live Planet’s partnership with Mint Werx enables us to stay true to our approach of providing NFT solutions for everyone by offering assistance from idea to execution,” said Halsey Minor, founder and CEO of Live Planet and operator of the VideoCoin Network. “With the combination of strategic, creative, and activation capabilities from Mint Werx paired with Live Planet’s video-based NFT technology platform, the creation of rewarding and expansive NFTs as consumer products and experiences has never been easier.”

About The VideoCoin Network

In development since 2018, the VideoCoin Network is a full-service NFT technology platform led by a world-class team of blockchain and media experts, including digital media pioneer and founder of CNET, Halsey Minor. Through a proprietary turnkey solution, VideoCoin enables any brand, retailer, content creator, or platform to quickly and efficiently mint and sell NFTs as a new consumer product. The VideoCoin software solution enables unique NFT innovations including proof of ownership and digital rights management capabilities, updateable and dynamic NFT features for a variety of media NFTs, and fiat payment capabilities. VideoCoin believes in the power of NFTs to enable inventive media experiences, create significant new value from digital assets, catalyze novel engagement between creators and fans, and establish channels for persistent communication between brands and customers. The VideoCoin Network is operated by Live Planet, Inc. under agreement with the VideoCoin Development Association Ltd., the issuer of the Network-powering VID token.

About Mint Werx

Mint Werx is the premiere NFT creative and production studio developing strategies and turnkey solutions for brands and creators. Mint Werx simplifies and brings together a complex array of technologies to empower ownership in resilient, prosperous connections between collectors, consumers, communities, and culture. Harnessing the power of sustainable blockchain technologies, Mint Werx delivers cutting edge, scalable, and one-of-a-kind dynamic NFTs and platforms; producing, minting, and activating authentic digital expressions that last a lifetime. Mint Werx is a division of Fusion92, a leading Chicago-based independent marketing innovation company founded in 1999. Learn more at

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