VideoCoin Network’s “K2” Release is Here!

Feb 27 · 2 min read

Journeys are marked in steps forward, one after the other. Today we take another massive step forward in our journey to disrupt infrastructure services for the largest utilization of the Internet, digital video. K2, the penultimate milestone in our road to Everest, is here!

At the summit of K2, we have now completed development on our worker software. As such, we have begun to accept workers onto the VideoCoin Network. If you’d like to join the VideoCoin Network as a worker, you may sign up here. At the start, work will be staggered. Please note that since we are still adding commercial functionality to the network up until we reach Everest on May 27th, all work will be unpaid.

Along with the availability of our worker software, the K2 release adds major breakthroughs in our proof of transcoding and enhancements to VOD. More details on these product enhancements will be shared in the coming days and weeks as we continue on this journey.

The VideoCoin Network K2 release includes updates to:

VideoCoin Network

  • File upload and transcode
  • WebRTC Support
  • Custom Encoding Profiles
  • Increased Network Capacity

VideoCoin Network API

  • File Upload and transcode extensions
  • WebRTC Extensions
  • Identity aware Protocol access

VideoCoin Network Studio

  • Third-party worker support
  • Create and register for workers on the network
  • Open public access for publishers
  • Upgraded withdraw and deposit functionality

VideoCoin Network Workers

  • Public Docker Image for platform-agnostic workers
  • RaspberryPi Support + Binaries
  • NVidia Jetson Support + Binaries
  • Intel QuickSync Support

VideoCoin Network Native Blockchain Improvements

  • Improved security
  • Major Performance improvements

Additionally, there have been major breakthroughs in VideoCoin Network Research

  • 90x Performance improvement in zkSNARKS based Proof of Transcoding
  • Delegated Proof of stake initial implementation

Further, we continue our Open Source initiative with releases to:

  • VideoCoin Protocol
  • Block Explorer
  • Orbital iOS Version

Along with all of these updates, over the next few weeks we will be sharing demos of these products in action. This starts today with an end to end demonstration of VideoCoin Network K2 Release features using our new third party workers.

Other demos and blogs will include:

  • Demo: File Transcoding and using standard players to integrate on-demand video
  • Demo and Blog: Setting up VideoCoin Network Worker on Raspberry Pi
  • Blog: Setting up VideoCoin Network Worker on Jetson Nano
  • Blog: Orbital iOS Open Source Edition
  • Blog: A Simple Guide to Staking on VideoCoin Network
  • Blog: Technical Deep Dive on VideoCoin Network Delegated Proof of Stake

Reaching the summit of K2 moves us one step closer to Everest, the last milestone in our journey to disrupt video infrastructure services. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our march towards our final destination and the beginning of something revolutionary!


Built from the ground up, VideoCoin is a decentralized…


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Built from the ground up, VideoCoin is a decentralized video platform that is redefining the process of creating, storing and distributing video content.

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