20 Top Gaming Franchises on YouTube, Starring Minecraft (Infographic)

The popularity of gaming on YouTube, and especially certain games (cough cough, Minecraft), is widely recognized. Still, putting (large) numbers to these names can be surprising, as videos revolving around games like Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto climb into the billions in a single month’s time.

Brand management software company Octoly and research firm Newzoo tracked how popular gaming franchises were faring on YouTube, ranking the top 20 in terms of monthly view counts. The obvious came out on top (League of Legends, Call of Duty, and FIFA join Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto there), but a game that hadn’t made it on previous rankings made the top three this time — Five Nights at Freddy’s, a member of the horror genre.

Another new game in Octoly’s ranking, Garry’s Mod, sits at spot seven and is unique for having 100% of its videos made by fans, with no owned media accounting for its 438 million views. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Clash of Clans (in the number nine spot) has 74.6% of its videos in the past month coming from fans, meaning its own channel has a significant output.

Check out what other video games were wildly popular on YouTube in February 2015 below:

Octoly and Newzoo tracked the top 20 gaming franchises on YouTube