5 Emerging Brand Channels on YouTube

It’s long been clear that having a YouTube presence helps brands reach younger and wider audiences. Certain ones, like Red Bull and Marriott hotels, have gone all out and started their own digital programming studios, releasing high-quality, original content on the regular.

However, brands don’t have to have dedicated digital studios to put together successful YouTube channels. As many of the following channels show, you don’t need much more than a playlist of your best TV commercials to get people watching your brand’s content on the video platform. Using its Emerging Talent Tracker tool, Openslate found that these five brands are successfully gaining a following on YouTube…without putting out any particularly fancy video content.

Still, these brands do seem to have some tricks up their sleeves. Celebrity appearances, for instance, will always bring in the views, as HTC and Nike know, while having some kind of series, even if it’s extremely short-form, will help keep viewers returning to your channel, which Marshalls has perfected…

5. HellmannsMayo

  • SlateScore: 330
  • Total Subs: 452
  • Monthly Views: 534,330

Hellmann’s YouTube channel includes TV advertisements and plenty of web-inspired videos. Much of the content on the channel features customers’ Facebook comments about the brand, showing that the mayo-makers are tuned into social media and keeping their content relevant to its digital home.

4. Marshalls

  • SlateScore: 376
  • Total Subs: 2,337
  • Monthly Views: 1,671,210

This branded YouTube channel features lots of “challenge” videos, daring shoppers to spend less than x amount of money on things like hosting cocktail parties and looking stylish in the springtime. There are some straightforward style videos, as well.

3. HTCAmerica

  • SlateScore: 449
  • Total Subs: 9,734
  • Monthly Views: 11,888,790

The HTC ads on this YouTube channel range in terms of creativity and their ability to captivate better than the traditional 30-second TV spot. A stand-out factor is that more than one of them stars Robert Downey Jr.

2. HyundaiWorldwide

  • SlateScore: 542
  • Total Subs: 43,247
  • Monthly Views: 7,495,890

Hyundai’s YouTube channel goes beyond global and actually reaches into space with several of its videos (aka glorified commercials). The channel also features a recurring character — “Exobaby,” a baby who wears a robot suit and thus has some superbaby abilities. Warning: He (or she?) is a little creepy.

1. NikeWomen

  • SlateScore: 576
  • Total Subs: 69,332
  • Monthly Views: 16,103,910

Videos showcasing famous athletes like Serena Williams round out Nike Women’s YouTube programming slate along with the channel’s “Better for It” series, which is meant to inspire women to exercise.