5 Emerging Pets Channels on YouTube

Did the popularity of cat videos on the internet have a permanent impact of the digital viewing landscape? Yes.

But now that web video has reached a level of artistry far higher-brow than cats in heat shrilling their mating calls, is there still a place left for the pets of the internet who’ve kept millions of viewers captivated over the years? According to OpenSlate’s Emerging Talent Tracker tool, there is. These five, growing YouTube channels focus on pets and their antics, sometimes bringing in revenue for their owners through brand sponsorships. Unlike the first wave of cat (and dog) videos, these ones have plots (more or less), high(ish)-level cinematography, and carefully composed soundtracks.

5. BarkBox

  • SlateScore: 319
  • Total Subs: 381
  • Monthly Views: 432,120

A subscription service that sends various dog-focused products to owners (i.e., treats and toys), BarkBox also has a channel on YouTube that focuses on saving dogs in need and other heartwarming tales.

4. Cat CATastrophes

  • SlateScore: 410
  • Total Subs: 6,534
  • Monthly Views: 191,760

This YouTube channel represents a single, cat-focused web series in Animalist’s network. Each short tells some kind of off-beat story with a different CATalyst (ha), but it also aims to connect cat-lovers with adoptees. The cats that star in each video are usually up for adoption, and viewers get a chance to “meet” their new cats before actually meeting their new cats. This video is a particularly good parody of “Lucy”:

3. Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

  • SlateScore: 448
  • Total Subs: 11,781
  • Monthly Views: 280,080

Watching these videos, it’s hard to tell whether these dogs are having a blast or are terribly uncomfortable in their ridiculous outfits. They’re still undeniably cute, and it seems that Vine is the best medium to showcase dachshund talent. Who knew?

2. Nic and Pancho

  • SlateScore: 455
  • Total Subs: 26,601
  • Monthly Views: 613,170

Following an Italian man and his chihuahua, this YouTube channel only recently hit the 25,000 subscriber mark (they made a video in which they thank all of their subscribers for this, in a row). Some videos are in English, others are in Italian, but yoga proves a universal language:

1. Cole and Marmalade

  • SlateScore: 551
  • Total Subs: 111,865
  • Monthly Views: 3,442,770

Two cats named less than creatively for the colors of their fur star in this YouTube channel, which features videos of them doing cat stuff, sponsored by brand’s like Fresh Step and Rache Ray Nutrish. An appropriate soundtrack accompanies all videos.