5 Emerging Unboxing Channels on YouTube

Unboxing represents a huge phenomenon on YouTube. Largely targeted towards kids and featuring toys that fall within popular themes like Disney movies and well-loved video games, unboxing channels on the video platform can be for adults, as well.

Of the following emerging unboxing channels on YouTube, found by Openslate’s Emerging Talent Tracker tool, a couple focus on grown-up toys, such as Apple products and other consumer electronics. Though many just show the creators hands doing the unboxing and not their faces, others feature personable (and, okay, not so personable) hosts narrating the pros and cons of various products and toys.

Above all, this genre on YouTube epitomizes smart ways in which brands and creators can come together on YouTube for their mutual benefit — creators may get paid to showcase certain brands, and brands get exposure that feels genuine and authentic on the creators’ widely watched channels. As the following channels continue to grow, perhaps they’ll find more brands sending them their products to unbox.

5. Tech 101

  • SlateScore: 362
  • Total Subs: 2,291
  • Monthly Views: 176,250

Featuring reviews of Apple and Samsung products, this channel offers thorough reviews, including price points, of products ranging from high-tech watches to phone cases. Unlike many unboxing channels, the narrator here sometimes shows his face as he talks before the camera in a very straightforward manner about, say, the difference between an Apple Watch and a Pebble Smartwatch.

4. ToyCollectorFun

  • SlateScore: 374
  • Total Subs: 4,236
  • Monthly Views: 154,821

This unboxing channel for toys features Disney-themed items from franchises like “Frozen” and “How to Train Your Dragon” alongside Barbie, Minecraft figurines, and My Little Pony. Kinder Surprise Eggs probably make for the most entertaining viewing — unboxing seems more dramatic when the “box” is a chocolate egg.

3. UnboxMe

  • SlateScore: 396
  • Total Subs: 9,961
  • Monthly Views: 89,608

This Spanish YouTube channel, featuring a young, male host, showcases various consumer electronics and computer software. Game play sometimes appears on the channel, as well, like in the below video:

2. Eggs Play-Doh

  • SlateScore: 467
  • Total Subs: 71,354
  • Monthly Views: 8,649,000

Though you’ll find plenty of unboxing channels on YouTube featuring Play-Doh and Kinder Surprise Eggs, rarely will you find a channel like this one, which is entirely dedicated to just those two topics. This channel also gets creative in making the Kinder Surprise effect come across without actually having to invest in a bunch of Kinder Eggs and not knowing the toy outcome — instead, this unboxer puts toys in cheap, plastic eggs and other containers to open up on camera. By the way, this channel is also in Spanish.

1. ToyBoxCollectibles

  • SlateScore: 568
  • Total Subs: 195,084
  • Monthly Views: 3,984,090

A husband and wife duo show off a variety of childrens’ toys in this YouTube channel. The best thing this channel has going for it its “Let’s Get Weird” segment, in which they feature toys that are a little more…well, out there.

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