80% of Millennials Watch TV Shows Because of Shared Online Promos

It looks like the pathway to watching a TV show for millennials starts on the internet.

According to a recent study from Unruly, “The Science of Sharing: TV Promos and the Millennial Shift,” 80% of this demographic are likely to watch a TV show if someone shares a promo for it with them online, promos being any short clip, trailer, or original piece of video content meant to increase awareness of the show. Meanwhile, just 66% of “the average TV viewer” will follow the shared online promo to actually watching a TV series.

This is important because online promo sharing actually does correlate to higher ratings for TV networks. NBC serves as a good example. It has a solid grasp on social video, accounting for 48% of total online series promo views and 39% of shares, and it got 33% of Nielsen’s overall ratings.

That being said, millennials are less likely than the average viewer to share TV promos at all — just 10% less likely, but that’s significant enough to note that these promos aren’t resonating as much with millennial audiences as they are amongst other viewers.

“TV marketers are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow their audiences,” CEO of Unruly, Scott Button, said. He further pointed out “audience fragmentation, ad avoidance, and social discovery” as “powerful forces for disruption” when it comes to TV networks failing to meet millennials where they’re at online.

These promos aren’t doing the best job at sticking in millennials’ minds, either. When it came to the TV promos Unruly tested in its study, brand recall amongst millennials fell on average below the US norm at 75% (the national average, however, goes unmentioned).

To sum it all up, millennials would be watching a lot more TV, it seems, if the online promos better appealed to them.

(Unruly surveyed 500 people in the US and looked at 14,221 TV show promos in this study.)

*Imaged credited to Digital Entertainment Post

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