Actress/Model Molly Sims Focuses on Family with YouTube Channel Revamp

Photo credit: Erica Hampton

Molly Sims is not the typical millennial or GenZ YouTube star, vlogging about dating or doing video game play-throughs. She’s a woman of 43 with two children (son Brooks, 4, and daughter Scarlett, 16 months) and a husband (movie producer Scott Stuber) who rose to fame in the early 2000s with regular appearances in Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue, then segued into acting with a role as Delinda Deline in the NBC series “Las Vegas” (2003–2008).

While she has more experience, professional and otherwise, than the majority of her YouTube counterparts, more often than not, it is she who is learning from them.

“They’ve really taken us far in showing the raw and the personal, and that’s what I love about [YouTube],” Sims told VideoInk. “It all used to be just the icing on the cake, now you get to see the entire recipe and all the ingredients that go in it.”

That’s an apt summation of the new game plan for Sims’ YouTube channel, which officially relaunches today. She signaled the change of direction last week with a video (above) announcing that she is pregnant with her third child.

“It kind of coincided naturally,” said Sims of the pregnancy announcement. “We were planning on releasing the information awhile ago, but because I’m older and it was a surprise and a hail mary, there’s a lot more that I have to be concerned with, and that is very private and it is a journey, so we did wait a little while. But, of course, we’re going to talk about it and celebrate it.”

Originally launched in Oct. 2013, her YouTube channel focused primarily on tips and tricks she learned from the fashion and beauty industry dubbed “Everyday #SupermodelSecrets.” With the relaunch, she’s literally and figuratively welcoming viewers into her home with videos that explore health, fitness, motherhood, DIY projects and recipes, as well as beauty secrets, developed and produced with Awestruck, a lifestyle network/brand for millennial moms launched by AwesomenessTV in the fall of 2015.

Sims says she’s not worried about getting too intimate with viewers or overexposing her children.

“It’s very controlled. It’s not like we invite 150 people into film them, so I’m not really concerned,” said Sims. “I lead such a healthy, great lifestyle and there’s nothing to hide in that way. And, with my family, it’s so fun to be able to bring these amazing opportunities. Not only do I get to see them during my free time, I get to involve them in my work, and I think that’s what’s so fun about it.”

Sims, who is due at the end of the year, said there is no set-in-stone script for the next six months, but her videos will touch on topics such as morning sickness and postpartum weight loss, hopefully without falling into any celebrity pregnancy cliches.

“When someone is in the public [eye], everyone’s obsessed about how fast they can lose [weight],” said Sims. “I think for me it’s not how fast, it’s how healthy I can do it and still feel good about myself.”