All Def Digital Teams With SeeSo For Original Content Deal

By Bree Brouwer

YouTube channel All Def Digital (ADD) will soon bring some laughs to a different digital platform. The hip-hop-skewing online video destination, co-founded in 2013 by entrepreneur and music veteran Russell Simmons, has closed an original content deal with NBC’s comedy streaming service SeeSo.

All Def Digital, which currently boasts over 1.5 million subscribers and claims more than 100 million views per month across its network, will work alongside SeeSo to produce two stand-up comedy specials, both filmed in front of live audiences in Los Angeles. The currently-entitled projects will feature comedians Tyree Elain and Robert Powell, each in their own special. Additionally, SeeSo will be the exclusive streaming distributor for all 34 episodes of ADD’s first digital series Blackie Sack, a comedy show which stars Aflamu Johnson as the only African-American hacky sacker Leon Sugarfoot and owner of the crew “Hacky Sack Millionaires.”

“Russell has an unreal track record for discovering young comedians,” said Evan Shapiro, Executive Vice President of Digital Enterprises at NBCUniversal, in a release. “ADD is doing this all over again for a new generation of comics, and a new generation of fans. We’re lucky to be bringing their talent for talent to Seeso.”

“From a digital series based on one of the most original characters you’ll ever see, Leon Sugarfoot, the world’s first black hacky sacker, to our consistent role in creating paths for standup comics, ADD continues to show there is a white space in urban programming that appeals to youth culture broadly,” added Sanjay Sharma, ADD’s Chief Executive Officer. “We’re thrilled that our unique voice in comedy has found a partner in Seeso, the country’s first and foremost digital subscription service for premium comedic programming.”

Viewers interested in watching All Def Digital’s upcoming content on SeeSo can sign up for $3.99 per month at