Apple Legalizes In-App Tipping for Content Creators

Apple has just made a move that could encourage communities of digital content creators around the world. In a newly published update to its App Store policies, the company will now allow voluntary tipping via virtual currency as in-app purchases that they will tax 30 percent.

This new update gives app developers the option to institute digital tip jars as an alternative way to get creators paid without having to offer ad revenue sharing — as long as they’re willing to give a whopping 30 percent chunk to Apple.

This new tactic is similar to what and Chinese live-streaming video apps like Yinke and Yizhibo have already been doing, which is to allow viewers to tip or give virtual gifts to the stars they watch in exchange for extra attention from the performer or just as a show of gratitude.

This is a nice change in tune from Apple, which last month cracked down on unofficial tipping. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple had told WeChat and other Chinese social apps to disable their tipping functions or be kicked out of the App Store.

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