BiteSizeTV Plans to Expand Its Reach with New Distribution Platform

By Sahil Patel

BiteSizeTV, an entertainment and lifestyle video network owned by LIN Digital, plans to launch a plug-in solution that can deliver its content to any TV station group or publisher’s website.

The platform, which can automatically be co-branded with website it’s streaming video to, will give any media partner one-click access to BiteSizeTV’s full library of programming. Viewers visiting these sites will be able to browse and watch any channel or show from BiteSizeTV, with content getting refreshed on a daily basis.

Among the user-centric features, the platform will offer a 24/7 “picture-in-picture” live feed of BiteSizeTV studios, giving viewers quick access to everything happening on location.

Another feature is called “BiteSize Binge,” which will allow viewers to create their own mini-playlists of content based on their interests and tastes. Also automatically updated with the latest videos, these playlists will also be able to be saved and shared.

Beyond BiteSizeTV’s own programming, the platform distributors will also be able to insert their own content into the platform. This content can then stream as part of the BiteSize Binge, available for the publisher or station group’s specific market or across the entire network, said BiteSizeTV.