Brightcove Becomes Latest OVP to Optimize for Live Streaming

Brightcove is on the live video bandwagon with a new product rollout that supports live streaming for publishers. And the company said that as part of its mission to “invest heavily in innovation” the development of “Brightcove Live is the type of advancement that provides our customers with the performance and efficiency they need in a highly competitive marketplace,” said Anil Jain, executive vice president and general manager of media at Brightcove.

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As mega-media companies like Facebook and YouTube continue to push a live streaming agenda for both consumers and publishers, pressure has been growing for online video players to keep up, and to enable seamless publishing to all channels simultaneously.

For Brightcove, that means replicating the structure that exists in live broadcast television — easy transitions to and from “commercial breaks” during live events and automation of ad insertion are two crucial areas that broadcasters rely on, but have yet to truly translate to digital live streaming.

“Events…represent an opportunity to own a video workflow that is complementary to [the] tools available on social networks. Even though those tools might be free, many publishers and broadcasters are increasingly sensitive to making decisions about how and where their content is consumed, measuring that, and ultimately how they schedule advertising payload against their content,” Matt Smith, VP and Principal Media Evangelist, told VideoInk.

And with Brightcove Live, publishers can not only optimize and monetize live streams around events or other live formats but instantly distribute VOD versions as well. For Brightcove, helping publishers “[own] every aspect of [the video] workflow means that the brand can use social channels to drive audience to the streams,” according to Smith, in addition to using social channels as distribution.

In a cluttered marketplace, whether the offering is enough to entice potential customers to pay for a service that is largely free on other social and live streaming platforms will stand to tell.