Brightcove Lift Takes Potentially Lethal Stab at Ad Blockers

By Evan DeSimone

The rise of ad blocking technology is a looming concern for ad-supported publishers across the web. The growing popularity of ad screening technology is poised to take a substantial bite of out of digital ad spend as more and more consumers look for ways to opt out of interuptive advertising. Today, video ad tech firm Brightcove is taking a major swing at ad-blockers with the debut of its latest product, Brightcove Lift.

According to a statement, introducing the product Lift will intercept ad delivery in the cloud and then seamlessly serve it to the video player, circumventing most existing forms of anti-ad technology. Ad content will mesh seamlessly with the host media making it indistinguishable from the viewer’s desired content in the eyes of the ad blocking software. Based on early data, Brightcove reports that Lift clients are experiencing roughly a 50% improvement in the delivery of ads across devices.

With ads stitched directly into content, Brightcove Lift delivers an ad experience similar to television, with no exploitable seams between content and ads. The product is also designed to work with all major ad servers, including DFP, Freewheel, SpotX and LiveRail, as well as most analytics and measurement platforms, making it easy to integrate into standard ad transactions. Lift will likely have special appeal for marketers targeting millennial populations, which show statistically higher rates of mobile content consumption and ad blocker usage.

VideoInk spoke with Brightcove CEO David Mendels about the new product and its potential impact on the digital ad space. “It’s a golden age of content and it’s a gold rush to get viewers to subscribers, and to keep engagement.” Mendels said. “Publishers should have compelling content, and if the publisher has that then they deserve to get paid. Brightcove Lift solves this problem in a multi-device world”

Brightcove is the latest firm to take a crack at the ad-blocking problem, but they’re far from alone. A number of players in the ad tech space have offered up solutions. Kaltura, in partnership with YuMe and Weather Nation, has offered up its own take on ad stitching that also aims to render ads indistinguishable from content. Meanwhile, AOL’s David Miller put the emphasis on content in an interview with VideoInk, suggesting that it was the industry’s responsibility to explore more engaging ad formats to earn the attention it desires.

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