Celebs Talk About Their Favorite Movies in New Fandango Web Series

Fandango will launch an original web series called “I Love Movies” as part of its larger “We Love Movies” campaign starting this May 6.

The series will include interviews with athletes and TV personalities alike as they talk about their favorite movie moments from “Rocky” to “Finding Nemo.” Initial guests will be NBA All-Star Dwight Howard, heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, Reba McEntire, and Tony Hawk.

Fandango’s fifth original series since it started its big video push in 2013, “I Love Movies” will appear across Fandango’s digital media channels, such as Fandango Movieclips (which shows trailers among other movie-related content) on YouTube. Fandango channels are also available on Hulu, where it launched this past January, Roku, and Samsung’s Milk Video.

The “We Love Movies” campaign will also span VIP movie screenings, ads on TV, social media, and a sweepstakes in which Fandango will be giving away movie tickets throughout the summer.

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