Comedy Gives Back Launches Video Hub for Stand-Up Comedy, Social Causes

By Sahil Patel

Comedy Gives Back, a charitable organization that raises money for social causes by producing comedy video content and live events, has partnered with digital distributor Electric Sheep to launch Comicure, a new humor site for stand-up comedy clips from top and emerging comedians.

Labeled as a site where “good humor and good causes join hands to make a difference,” Comicure offers a curated selection of stand-up comedy bits from stars including Reggie Watts, Kevin Nealon, Iliza Shlesinger, Adam Bloom, and Jo Koy.

A majority of the initial clips on Comicure come from telethons and events produced by Comedy Gives Back, which is run by the trio of Amber J. Lawson, Zoe Friedman, and Jodi Lieberman. Going forward, the site will continue to feature content from Comedy Gives Back, while also incorporating other “like-minded” libraries, says Lawson.

That said, Comicure won’t be the only place for Comedy Gives Back content. The site was built by Electric Sheep, which operates and partners with network of “niche-oriented” websites that they’re then able to use to cross-promote content and drive viewership. So while Comicure is the hub, its videos might travel to other places within the Electric Sheep network.

Keeping with Comedy Gives Back’s model of charity through entertainment, Comicure features a “donation” button that allows viewers to contribute to charities such as Feeding America and Malaria No More. The main goal — at least initially — is to raise awareness for the causes as people watch and enjoy the video clips, according to Lawson. Those who do choose to donate are directed to the organizations’ websites, with 100% of the proceeds going to the selected charity.

As for the site itself, it’s monetized via pre-rolls, though Electric Sheep says it keeps those to a minimum.

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