Defy Media Signs ‘Carmilla’ Creators VerveGirlTV

By Sahil Patel

Defy Media has signed YouTube channel VerveGirlTV to its network as part of its “Creators Program,” which aims to support YouTube creators by offering them access to various programming, production, audience development, and monetization resources.

Best known for creating the popular indie comedy web series “Carmilla,” VerveGirlTV joins Defy as it launches its newest show: “Ms. Labelled,” a scripted, vlog-style comedy series set in the world of fashion.

Starring Rebecca Liddiard (Netflix’s “Between”), “Ms. Labelled” centers on a young fashionista who tries to find her own voice in the fashion industry by launching an upstart fashion blog after landing a job at a huge magazine. As with “Carmilla,” which was produced by Canadian digital agency Shift2 and digital studio Smokebomb Entertainment, “Ms. Labelled” will span multiple social platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr, where show characters will regularly post content and interact with fans.

As part of the VerveGirlTV deal, Defy will promote the new series on its female- and fashion-focused website The Gloss, which will also be integrated into the series itself.

Launched last summer, Defy’s Creators Program is its answer to the multi-channel network business. The company promises a “one-on-one” level of support for creators who want to grow their businesses beyond their YouTube channel, with services offered including channel optimization, merchandising, sponsorship opportunities, content distribution, app development, and monetization. Currently, there are more than 100 channels signed to the program, including The Game Theorists, Kingsley, Mark Crilley, and Greg Benson/Mediocre Films.

“Our partners will collaborate with the same team behind the success of some of the biggest digital brands in the world and tap into valuable resources to build a business beyond their personal channel,” said Michael Chiang, Defy’s SVP of strategy & operations. (In other words: Look at what Defy did for Smosh, now let it do the same for you.)