Disney Targets Europe with Direct Streaming Service DisneyLife

By Evan DeSimone

Disney is embracing the future across the pond with the launch of a streaming service that will deliver IP from its enormous library of films, television shows, books and music direct to consumers.

Dubbed DisneyLife, the service will give consumers access to a sizable selection of Disney’s iconic entertainment properties, including the entire Pixar catalog and a number of Disney animated classics. The streaming service is something of a departure for Disney, which has famously used its “Disney vault” to keep many of its titles off the shelves and spur demand for periodic re-releases. With the new service much of Disney’s roster of new and classic material will be at viewers’ fingertips.

The new service will roll early next year starting in major markets across Europe. First on Disney’s list are France, Spain, Italy and Germany. The service will allow Disney to bypass local broadcasters and go straight to consumers with content.

Presently there are no plans for a stateside rollout of a similar services but Disney chief Bob Iger played it safe on the subject saying only,“The technology platform that this sits on is scalable to the U.S. and is scalable to our other brands.” Of course Disney hasn’t fully forsaken the idea of going digital with its content in their biggest single market. Earlier this year, the company expanded the availability Disney Movies Anywhere, a cloud-based service that allows customers to download and or stream Disney titles from on a multitude of devices.

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