EXCLUSIVE: The Cast is Set For Adaptive Studio’s Sci-Fi Comedy Series ‘Stellar People’

Danny Tamberelli (“The Adventures of Pete and Pete,” “All That”), Rory Albanese (“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”), and Brian Jordan Alvarez (“Jane The Virgin”) have all joined the cast of Adaptive Studio’s new sci-fi comedy series “Stellar People.”

Stellar People, created by filmmaking duo Russ Nickel and William J. Stribling (“Bear with Us”), tells the story of three couples, all with life-changing secrets, who gather at an alien-themed party. Tension runs high among the group, but they are forced to settle their differences when tasked with saving the human race.

Adaptive Studios made the decision to partner with Stribling and Nickel after screening their indie comedy, “Bear with Us,” which is being distributed by Comedy Dynamics.

“In a lot of ways, this show feels like a perfect follow-up to Bear with Us,” said Stribling, who directed the series. “Adaptive really embraced the concept for the show. With their support, we’re really trying to push boundaries. ‘Go big or go home’ has been our mantra.”

“We don’t want to spoil too much,” Nickel added, “but we try to make every episode weirder than the one before it. You’ll never be able to guess where the show goes by the finale. And the source of the conflict can be traced back to a childhood incident at a petting zoo where the party host was kicked in the head by a horse. So, you know, pretty run-of-the-mill.”

“The slate of digital projects we’re building here at Adaptive is defined by distinct creative voices from up-and-coming auteurs,” said Stephen Christensen, Adaptive’s Director of Development. “Russ and Will fit perfectly into this slate with a vision that is specific, absurd, and irreverent. We’re thrilled to collaborate with them in creating something we believe will be a truly superb comedy.”

Adaptive recently premiered the short-form thriller series “Pineapple” at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, which was acquired by Blackpills. The studio also recently sold a broad slate of digital projects to several buyers, including their book-to-film adaptation “Coin Heist” to Netflix. The company is now in production on a number of new series and will be looking to finance additional projects this year.

“Stellar People,” which will debut later this year, also welcomes Ryan Garcia, Courtney Hawkins, Jeanette Maus, and Lauren Lopez to the cast.

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