FameBit’s Shopify Deal Brings Self-Service Ecommerce to Influencers

Self-serve influencer marketplace FameBit announced today that it has partnered with cloud-based multi-channel commerce platform Shopify.

Under the terms of the deal, FameBit’s network of 31,000 influencers in the beauty, fashion, gaming, tech, travel, music and food verticals will have access to Shopify’s VIP service, giving them the ability to launch their own multi-channel stores, as well as access to guidance from a dedicated personal concierge.

In turn, FameBit will help connect Shopify merchants with relevant influencers who can produce content about their brands and distribute it to a highly-engaged audience.

“Influencers are not only content creators — many are also entrepreneurs with their own merchandise, and many influencers dream of launching their own stores or forming partnerships with existing brands to co-create and sell their own product lines,” said Agnes Kozera, co-founder at FameBit, in a statement. “Our partnership with Shopify will provide our influencers with the resources and expertise needed to make that dream a reality, adding even more value to our network.”

FameBit Logo

FameBit was founded in January 2014 by Kozera and David Kierzkowski to service their own small business influencer marketing needs. The Santa Monica, Ca.-based company soon turned its gaze outward, establishing itself as a go-between bringing together influencers from video-friendly social platfoms such as YouTube, Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumbler with major brands such as L’Oreal, Adidas, Marvel, Dollar Shave Club and Office Depot, as well as small businesses.

FameBit uses a methodology similar to crowdsource studio Tongal. It has a brand post a description of the content its seeking on FameBit, including information about what its brand/product is, what kind of influencers it’s looking to work with, and how much money it’s willing to spend. Influencers then submit proposals with their ideas.

To date, FameBit influencers have produced more 20,000 branded videos to date, with nearly 1 billion minutes of branded video content viewed by consumers.

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