Feature Doc Showcasing Young, US Farmers Now on Netflix

Farmland,” a feature-length documentary about farmers in the US (and a little bit of Canada) is now streaming on Netflix.

From filmmaker James Moll, the documentary follows six farmers and ranchers. It aims to showcase what life is really like for young farmers whose families have been in agriculture for generations, especially during a time when, according to the doc, the average age of the American farmer is roughly 60.

To get a better sense of the film, you can watch the trailer below:

“Farmland” is produced by Moll’s Allentown Productions. It was created with help from the US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance.

In addition to Netflix, “Farmland” is available for people to rent at Walmart (in stores and online) and other digital platforms like iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster On-Demand (good for Blockbuster!), Sony PlayStation, Vudu, Xbox, and YouTube. It premiered in theaters in 2014.