Founder of Discovery Channel to Launch Science/Tech SVOD Service

The founder of the Discovery Channel, John Hendricks, and his new content venture, Curiosity Project, will launch an SVOD service that focuses on science and technology as well as “civilization and the human spirit” on March 18.

Called the CuriosityStream, the service will work across multiple devices and will include original documentary series “Big Picture Earth,” produced by David Conover; “Deep Time History,” about people, geology, and geography; and “Digits,” which will focus on the history of the internet and tech in general.

CuriosityStream will also get content from publishers like BBC Worldwide, NHK in Japan, and ZED in France among others. For instance, BBC Worldwide will provide the service with “Men and Machines that Beat Hitler.” Meanwhile, super short content (under eight minutes) will make up a bulk of the service’s content.

The SVOD service has its own content team led by Steve Burns, who formerly served as the executive VP for global content at National Geographic Channels. Richard Sergay, former ABC News producer, will host interviews at Curiosity Studios.

Set to launch with over 800 videos, CuriosityStream will be ad-free and go for $2.99 a month for standard resolution or $3.99 a month for 720 HD…or $5.99 for 1080 HD, or $9.99 for 4K. You can check it out at