Fullscreen Goes Full Force into Original Content with its Fall Line Up

Fullscreen has officially announced that five new original series will be joining their Fall slate. Hopeful after a successful first half, the company is excited to bring new entertainment to audiences that they’ve described as “strong”, “unique”, and “boundary-pushing”.

Fox Tossing

If you ever wondered what people did for fun before technology, here’s a window into that. Scotty Sire and Elton Castee are setting on a five-episode mission to explore every ridiculous, weird, and slightly dangerous past time that’s disappeared from popular culture. Warning: Do not try these activities as home…or if you have a bunch of foxes lying around do, you might have a knack for it. “Fox Tossing” and other ridiculous sports can be seen on a screen near you starting tomorrow, August 16.

The Skeptic’s Guide to Wellness

When you’re sick, most people are willing to try anything to feel better. Even those who are the most scientific might find themselves googling which herbs are supposed to alleviate swelling. Now outspoken skeptic Jaclyn Glenn is putting her medical background to use to tell audiences which methods are fake and which are flawless. “The Skeptic’s Guide to Wellness” is set to premiere September 8.

Jay Versace is Stuck in the 90s

Feeling nostalgic? You’re not alone. Follow Jay Versace as he finds himself stuck back in time because of a digi-pet and can only get back to 2017 using 90’s technology. Described as “the funniest teenager on the internet” Versace is sure to give you that 90’s fix that we can only hope will end in a trip to Blockbuster. The five-episode season is set to premiere Fall 2017.

Living Rooms

This scripted comedy series stars Alyx Weiss as Beth, a girl who tries weed for the first time only to discover that she can talk to her furniture while high (I mean…can’t we all?). See how her new furniture friends change her life during “Living Rooms” seven-episode season premiering this fall!

Alive in Denver

Remember when the world was supposed to end in 2012? Well imagine coming clean about your darkest secrets to those you love the most while you still could. That’s exactly what happens in “Alive in Denver”, but unfortunately for those friends, the meteor shower that was suppose to end the world missed, leaving them all to deal with the aftermath. This dark comedy stars Nathan Kress and Danielle Campbell and is set to premiere Fall 2017.