Hulu to Debut Series About Rival Record Labels in ‘South Beach’

Hulu will debut a series about music moguls in the third quarter of 2015.

Called “South Beach,” the series takes place there and centers on “the two most powerful record labels in Miami.” The dueling, fictional labels are Donovan Lear Entertainment and DLV Music Group, and a big star repped by the former falls for an emerging DJ from the latter. As if star-crossed lovers weren’t enough of a plot, there will also be a murder mystery.

“South Beach” is directed by Joshua Caldwell (“Layover”) and written by Brian Hurwitz (“Hiding”). Cast members include Ana Villafane, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Manny Montana, and Jordi Vilsuso. Ali Dee Theodore of DeeTown Entertainment is writing and producing the music for the series.

“South Beach” is produced by Dolphin Digital Media. The production company made a deal with AOL so that the latter will promote the series on its own platform by offering exclusive video content.

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