iHeartRadio Comes to TiVo

By Sahil Patel

iHeartRadio recently announced that it has 70 million registered users across its platform — it hopes to grow that number even further with the launch of a new app on TiVo.

The streaming music service, created by radio giant Clear Channel (which is now known as iHeartMedia), gives users the opportunity to listen to live national and local radio stations as well as create their own custom playlists. The service also

TiVo iHeartRadio 1

offers access to podcasts and popular radio shows.

With the TiVo integration, users can now directly access the service using their remotes — and should really come in handy if users wanted to, say, listen to a song or a soundtrack from a movie or TV show they were just watching, the company said.

The free app can be downloaded from the “Music & Photos” section in TiVo Central, and is available on all TiVo Roamio, Mini, and Premiere line of devices.

The TiVo launch is part of a larger push to make the service available across any and every platform, including most recently the Pebble Watch and Apple Watch.

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