Infiniti Releases Interactive Web Film from the ‘Blair Witch’ Guys

Joining the recent swell of interactive web video, car company Infiniti has released “Deja View,” a branded film that dynamically changes based on viewers verbal interactions. It’s kind of tricky, so here’s a simplified version:

Essentially, our nameless, amnesia-riddled protagonists need you (yes, you) to tell them what to do next. Before watching “Deja View,” viewers are asked to call a number and sync up their mobile phones, which will then be “called” by the characters in the show. Based on your verbal directions, the video will change and the overall storyline will be altered.

It’s an incredibly innovative way to present a web series, but what can you really expect from branded content company Campfire? The award-winning production house was founded by the creators of the massively influential and successful 1999 horror film “The Blair Witch Project.”

Of course, with “Deja View” being a branded entertainment project, the entire film is dependant on our lead characters racing from location to location in a — you guessed it — Infiniti Q50.

This isn’t the first time a web series has used this type of interactive element. Before it stopped all production, Fourth Wall Studios employed a similar, text message-based technique as part of “Meridian,” a short-lived series directed by Joe Penna (MysteryGuitarMan).

“Deja View” was directed by Phillip Van and produced by Campfire’s Mike Monello and Gregg Hale. It stars Charlotte Sullivan and Andrew Pastides.

The series is hosted at the Infiniti USA web site.