Jack Vale to Star in Prank TV Series for HLN

By Sahil Patel

Jack Vale’s pranks will soon be seen on TV. The prankster/comedian, who has more than 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, will star alongside his wife and five children in a new reality TV show for HLN called “Jack Vale: Offline.”

Premiering on January 13 at 10pm ET/PT, the show will follow the creation, planning, execution, editing, and posting of prank videos by the Vale clan. Mixing pranks with reality elements, it will also document the lives of the comedian and his family, who are so often involved in his videos.

“Jack Vale: Offline” will be shot in Las Vegas, where the Vale family has temporarily relocated to. Their home base of Manhattan Beach, California has become too familiar with their antics, apparently.

YouTube stars landing TV shows is quickly becoming common practice. “Epic Meal Time” and The Fine Brothers, to name a couple, made their way to the biggest screen in the house in 2014 alone.

For HLN, though, the show is part of a broader strategy to create programming for the “social media generation.” Previously, the channel had development deals in place with digital producers ranging from My Damn Channel (now Omnivision Entertainment) and “What’s Trending,” to Frederator Studios and MiTu. Nothing came out of that, though.