Joe Bereta Hosts ‘Epic’ New Series for Defy Media

By Sahil Patel

A new series from Defy Media stars former “SourceFed” co-host Joe Bereta.

Called “Epic How To,” the series aims to teach viewers how to turn their wildest dreams into “an epic reality.” For instance, the first episode features a step-by-step guide on how to win an Academy Award. Future episodes will tackle topics such as how to get a Super Bowl ring and how to own a tiger.

Bereta, who recently left “SourceFed” and Discovery Digital Networks to join Defy Media in the role of creative director, serves as the host and co-writer of “Epic How To.” Other writers include Gilli Nissim and Spencer Gilbert. It’s produced by Michael Rainey and executive produced by Andy Signore.

“Epic How To” will live on Defy Media’s AweMe YouTube channel, which reaches more than 2.6 million subscribers and is primarily known for its successful “Man at Arms” series. New episodes will debut every other Thursday.

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