Jukin Media Bakes “Video Pizza” with Japanese MCN UUUM

Clip-video brand leader Jukin Media has teamed up with the leading multi-channel network in Japan UUUM to create a new video brand called “Video Pizza”. Jukin Media already operates four verticalized entertainment brands — “Fail Army”, “The Pet Collective”, “Jukin Video” and “People Are Awesome” — and adding a new brand on the other side of the world fits into an proven playbook for Jukin Media. With “Video Pizza” Jukin Media and UUUM will combine user-generated clip-driven formats with Japan-based talent distirbuted first on YouTube and later released across its other owned and operated OTT channels.

“We’ve been supplying Japanese TV shows with clips for years as part of our licensing business,” said Chief Growth Officer, Cameron Saless. “So we know there’s an appetite for UGC content, and we know there’s a path to longer-form programming from the ‘Video Pizza’ brand.”

And to achieve success in Japan, Jukin partnered with UUUM, which operates one of the biggest digital networks in Japan grabbing over 2 billion views monthly in its own country alone. Combined with Jukin’s combined reach of 55 million total fans across platforms, and more than 1.5 billion monthly views, “Video Pizza” can be fed into a content marketing machine across both business’s existing channels.

“Japan is a key piece of our international expansion plan, and UUUM is absolutely the ideal partner,” said Cameron Saless, Chief Growth Officer at Jukin Media. “Their insights and impressive track record of YouTube success in the region will be instrumental in the growth of the new brand.”

To start, UUUM will handle production while Jukin will leverage its expertise in licensing and packaging to support the brand’s growth.