Jukin Media Launches Feed Product to Bring Viral Videos to the Larger Web

By Sahil Patel

Before it had a TV show on Fox, Jukin Media was primarily known as the company that specializes in finding and acquiring, and then licensing viral YouTube clips to brands and media companies. Now the company is leveraging that ability to grow its footprint across the web.

Jukin has launched a new video product for publishers that’s designed to seed its library of viral videos on websites across the web. Jukin owns the rights to over 15,000 videos, which publishers can ingest into and stream via their video players using the company’s MRSS feed.

In exchange, the publishers can sell and run ads against the user-generated content.

The MRSS feed delivers clips from Jukin in real time, as they are trending across the web, which is likely to drive additional views and engagement, according to Jukin. Each client also gets a “custom feed” based on its content needs, and can also opt to have Jukin create custom formats based on their unique specifications.

Launch partners for the product include AOL, Yahoo, Complex, and ViralNova, among others. The deals with these partners and others are structured based on their needs, said Jukin, though typically it’s on a revenue-sharing basis.

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