JW Player Hits 1 Billion Monthly Viewers

By Sahil Patel

New York-based video startup JW Player, which provides a range of video player solutions for publishers ranging from The Guardian to PopSugar, now reports that it’s serving more than 1 billion viewers per month globally.

“We have amassed an impressive global footprint, with over half of people in the United States and one-third of those in Europe watching video delivered by the JW Player on a monthly basis,” said Dave Otten, co-founder and CEO of JW Player, in a statement.

The milestone comes at the end of a banner year for JW, with total video plays across its network growing to 94 billion (570% growth versus 2013) and total hours-watched rising to 4 billion (640% growth versus 2013). The increase in viewership also helped the company’s advertising business, as monthly ad impressions increased to 4.25 billion in December 2014, which was a 430% increase over December 2013.

JW attributes much of that growth to the 7,500 publishers, including The Christian Post, Media Group of America, and Synacor, that it added to its network in 2014. Its $20 million Series C round, which it closed in September and used to invest in sales and marketing, its devices strategy, and global business development, also helped, the company said.

Overall, JW’s video player is now being used by more than 2 million sites, generating 17 billion video streams per month. “Unlike large online players that emphasize building their own brands and revenue streams by leveraging their publishing partners’ content, JW Player is leading the publisher first and only model, enabling control over the look, feel, experience, and monetization strategies of their own content,” said Chris Mahl, president at the startup.

To build on that growth, the company is now licensing its Android SDK, which allows app developers to build native video players and experiences directly within Android apps. An iOS SDK is planned for spring 2015.

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