Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen on Growing Their Collaborative YouTube Channel

This article originally appeared in [a]list Daily

By Lauren Arevalo-Downes

You may not be familar with Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen, but they’re seasoned YouTubers with over a few million subscribers each to call their own. Recently, they decided to join forces to form what you could call a YouTube supergroup channel. Unsurprisingly, this move has quickly racked up 27 million views and 1 milliion subscribers for them in just 3 months.

They’re putting their individual channels on a brief backburner to grow and scale this new channel, KianAndJc. This is a new place for them to give their fans content that is “100 percent completely” them. Right now they’re asking fans to submit their msot creative ways to say how much they love the new channel using #KianAndJcMillionContest to win an all expenses paid trip to LA and more.

We not only got a chance to ask Kian and Jc some questions about their YouTube life, content and working with brands, but we also got a few in from their manager, Andrew Graham. Read on for some major insights.

How did you guys meet? Are you best friends in real life?

K: We met over the Internet and connected because we made similar videos. No we hate each other

J: We initially met over the Internet but met in person at VidCon 2011, and yeah, what he said.

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