Lee Newton Says Goodbye to SourceFed

Lee Newton has announced that she will be leaving SourceFed in a fittingly humorous SourceFed classic “5 Things You Missed” video. She was accompanied by former SourceFed host Ross Everett (also the creator of the “5 Things” segment), and you can watch her fond farewell below:

Newton leaves SourceFed having joined the cast in 2012 following an unassuming audition at a “hole in the wall” where she first read off pop culture news stories with a comedic slant. Her early co-stars on the YouTube series included Joe Bereta, Steve Zaragoza, and Elliot Morgan.

SourceFed recently took on some new hosts, Steven Suptic and Bree Essrig. Meanwhile, Newton will remain active on YouTube on her own channel, which currently has over 122,000 subscribers but will likely grow from there now that fans can no longer see her on SourceFed.

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