Lionsgate Snags Prank-Powered Feature Film from Collective Digital Studio

By Evan DeSimone

Lionsgate continues its dive into digital today, closing a deal with Collective Digital Studio (CDS) to distribute “Natural Born Pranksters,” a documentary film starring three of YouTube’s most popular prank stars, VitalyzdTV, Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady.

Financed and produced by CDS, “Natural Born Pranksters” follows its three leads as they execute some of their most ambitious stunts and pranks. The film was directed by Roman Atwood and Ben Pluimer (Epic Meal Empire) and features appearances by a number of digital entertainment notables including Jenna Marbles, Furious Pete, Jukka Hilden, KC James, Kevin Brueck, Tom Mabe and Peter Vass.

The deal is part of an concerted effort by Lionsgate to grow its presence in the digital space and expand the offerings of its emerging in-house digital content studio. Those offerings include “Dirty Thirty,” the recently announced influencer-driven film from “Camp Takota” trio Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, and Hannah Hart. Lionsgate is also the power behind Freddie Wong’s “RocketJump: The Show,” which was which is set to premiere on Hulu on Dec. 2..

“Natural Born Pranksters” is set to bow sometime in the early half of 2016. The film will receive a day-and-date release in select theaters and on VOD platforms.

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