Meg DeAngelis Takes DIY To The Next Level With PBTeens

By Evan DeSimone

Gymnast turned DIY vlogger Meg DeAngelis, better known in YouTube circles as MayBaby, is set to star in a new series that will take her DIY to the next level. Through a partnership with home furnishing and lifestyle brand PBTeen and teen-focused digital network AwesomenessTV DeAngelis will host Revved Up Rooms, a weekly series debuting on AwesomenessTV YouTube channel on July 15 at 5 p.m. The new series will give DeAngelis an opportunity to dole out advice on room décor and furnishing, while throwing a spotlight on PBTeens youth focused product line.

With 3.1 million dedicated subscribers and over 216 million views, DeAngelis is like a safe bet for brands looking to reach teen and tween consumers. The deal underscores DeAngelis evolution as a content creator. After launching her channel six years ago with cheer and gymnastics videos the 20 year old has rapidly diversified branching out into music, style, and challenge videos, but she has seen her greatest success with DIY content and has wisely decided to double-down with Revved Up Rooms.

The deal is the latest in a series of brand partnerships that taps into YouTube’s DIY community to target young millennial consumers. As YouTube increasingly becomes a portal for learning as well as entertainment the DIY, the how-to sector has exploded on the platform. From beauty gurus like Michelle Phan (7.8 million subscribers, 1.1 billion views) and style vloggers like Nikki and Gabi (1.6 million subscribers, 90 million views) to lifestyle creators like Eva Gutowski (3.2 million subscribers, 178 million views) the sector is minting stars at a rapid-fire pace. Despite the rising trend, the deal with DeAngelis is a first for AwesomenessTV. which have never partnered with a home décor brand before. It’s also a first for PBTeens who, despite dabbling in branded online video content, have never before partnered with a YouTube vlogger.

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