MUBI Secures Cannes Favorite ‘Arabian Nights’ for First Theatrical Deal

By Evan DeSimone

Subscription based video-on-demand service MUBI, which just last week announced a major distribution deal with Sony, today revealed a new partnership that will deliver cinematic content to the platform. The curated online cinema platform will stream Miguel Gomes three-part film “Arabian Nights,” as well as distribute theatrically it in Ireland and the United Kingdom through a partnership with distributor New Wave Films.

The critically acclaimed film was a favorite at Cannes when it screened as part of the festival’s 2015 Directors’ Fortnight, the film marks MUBI’s first foray into cross-platform release. MUBI has previously made a name for itself with its curated selection of classic, foreign and indie films that have previously had theatrical or multi-platform release.

MUBI members receive one new film per day on the service for a total of 30 films at any given time. The services limited availability window helps to keep licensing costs down while offering value to its audience through the curation of a highly specific library of content. MUBI will now join Netflix in the relatively small club of streaming outlets acquiring films for theatrical as well as digital release. It’s a model that was pioneered by Netflix, which will release Cary Fukunaga’s “Beasts Of No Nation” in October and its original final ““Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend” in Chinese theaters in 2016.

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