Musically’s Live App — — Shows Huge Gains for Creators

Musically just can’t stop, won’t stop. The app, after gaining remarkable popularity amongst the video-creative community, spun out Lively, a live-streaming version of the app. Within days of its launch, Lively had accumulated over 500,000 downloads with little to no promotion. Now, one month later, the app has grabbed over 2 million downloads since it launched.

But where the app is showing the most value is for the early-adopter creatives like What’s Trending and its founder/host Shira Lazar, Bart Baker and even publishers like Young Hollywood, who are using to drive lifts in following across other platforms.

Lazar and Baker, who co-host a regular show on about their relationship and other random musings, have pulled between 150,000 to over a million viewers in a given session, depending on how long they are online. Most live streaming services, including YouTube, count the concurrent streams but most often report aggregate streams. According to Lazar, she’s seeing the highest she’s seen of any platfom in concurrent viewership, usually over 100K viewers at once.

They’ve also seen the growth in subscribers or followers on other platforms spike as well, with views on Snapchat up by 900% and over 5x growth on Instagram following.

“What’s Trending has always had a foothold on live and the creator community,” said Lazar. “It seems we’ve found a sweet spot on this platform — it will definitely start influencing our model and how we build our business moving forward. Let’s just say that we want to plant our flag and build something special, valuable and monetizable [on].”

[We discuss live streaming on this week’s Digital Cabana and the other competitors in the space including Facebook Live, Periscope, Meerkat and YouNow.]