NBA Knocks Justin Bieber Down a Notch on Instagram — February Rankings

Tubular Labs, the data company that originally tracked only YouTube video views and engagement, has expanded it’s business to track Instagram and Facebook as well. Below are the February 2016 Rankings for Instagram. From January, NBA jumped to the #1 spot, dethroning Justin Bieber. The view counts represented below are for video only views on the social platform. Perhaps the most notable jumps are Maluma, who climbed 13 spots to #6, and The Rock, who jumped 7 spots to #7. Shockingly, despite the Super Bowl, NFL only barely ranked at #9, landing on Tubular’s chart for the first time. When reviewing their Instagram feed, though, only a fraction of NFL’s posts are video related, making the 18 million views it grabbed more impressive than immediately meets the eye. Also worth evaluation is the comparison between total followers on the account (not represented in Tubular’s chart) and the video views. For NBA, for example, the account has 13.8 million followers, whereas NFL has almost a third of that with 5.8 million followers. Overall, though, sports trump personalities on Instagram for video views. Instagram special effects creator, Zach King, takes the #4 spot as the leading personality with the most video views on Instagram. By comparison to the other accounts being ranked here, King’s feed is video only.


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