Netflix Snags Its First Latin American Animated Series

By Evan DeSimone

Netflix has announced the imminent launch of “Las Layendas” (“The Legends”), the streaming platform’s first animated series for kids to be fully produced in Latin America.

Set in the 1800s, the show follows Leo San Juan, a reluctantly heroic teen with the supernatural ability to communicate with ghosts and monsters, not unlike a mid-90’s talk show host or Andy Cohen. The series is based on an animated film trilogy created by writer, producer and animator Ricardo Arnaiz of Anima Estudios consisting of “La Leyenda de la Nahuala” (“The Legend of the Nahuala”), “La Leyenda de la Llorona” (“The Legend of the Llorona”) and “La Leyenda de las Momias” (“The Legend of the Mummies”).


Leo along with a group of misfit monsters band together to fight Quetzalcoatl, “an inter-dimensional entity who has sought to conquer the universe for centuries.” The series is earmarked for Netflix Kids, the streamer’s dedicated vertical for children under 12.

“Las Layendas” will be available to viewers in all Netflix regions, but the series points to an uptick in interest in Latin and South America for the streaming platform. Netflix recently commissioned “3%,” a class conscious sci-fi thriller and the first Netflix original series to be produced entirely in Brazil. As Netflix works to expand into new markets, local content is likely to play a role in expanding the streamers footprint and edging out local competition.

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