Pluto TV’s TV-Like Video Platform Adds Bloomberg, Its First TV Channel

By Sahil Patel

Pluto TV is now streaming Bloomberg TV, the first linear TV channel to join the online video platform that mimics television in how it distributes content.

Starting this month, Pluto TV now offers a full live-stream of Bloomberg TV via its own channel.

“Our partnership with Bloomberg TV is a big step forward towards expanding and validating our platform with live streaming of a top-tier network,” said Tom Ryan, CEO of Pluto TV, in a statement. “Distributing cable networks through Pluto TV makes total sense given our linear TV-like experience.”

Indeed it does. Launched in March 2014, Pluto TV functions essentially like an internet-based pay-TV service, with hundreds of channels focused on individual digital content partners like Funny or Die or AOL, as well as general topics and interests. Outside of its DVR feature, all content on Pluto TV is not available on demand, the platform programs shows and pieces of content to air at specific times in the day, and offers a TV-like guide for people to choose which channels and shows they want to watch.

Pluto TV hasn’t revealed yet what kind of audience it has. The platform is available online and across a number of devices, including iOS- and Android-powered smartphones and connected-TV devices such as the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Chromecast.

Up until now, most of the TV content that was offered by Pluto TV was of the short-form variety. Starting with Bloomberg TV, it’s possible to imagine the platform adding more traditional TV channels and essentially compete with emerging internet-TV services like Sling and Vue. But that’s likely a long, long-term scenario, if anything — programming costs are still too exorbitant for the startup to net such deals.

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