Rooster Teeth to Premiere ‘Connected’ Doc as Subscriber Exclusive

Austin-based gaming-centric digital studio Rooster Teeth announced today that it will premiere its documentary “Connected” on April 15 as an exclusive for subscribers (known as “sponsors”) to its VOD platform, which is available on and the Rooster Teeth app.

“Connected” follows Rooster Teeth’s Barbara Dunkelman and Blaine Gibson as they give up their smart phones, laptop computers and the Internet and try to survive in the modern world, using only the technology from the year they were born. It features interviews with Nicholas Carr, author of the New York Times best-seller “The Shallows,” and behavioral psychologists Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke.

“Connected” comes on the heels of “Let’s Play Live: The Documentary,” following the crew behind its web site Achievement Hunter as it mounts a live gaming event, which debuted on its VOD platform last fall as a sponsor exclusive.

Users may sign up for a free 30-day “sponsorship” trial in the app or at and receive instant access to all sponsor benefits, including early and/or exclusive access to content, live broadcasts, and a 5% discount on Rooster Teeth store merchandise. Following the trial period, sponsorship costs $4.99 per month.

Founded by Matt Hullum and Burnie Burns in 2003, Rooster Teeth was acquired by Fullscreen in 2014. Rooster Teeth has a multi-channel network that’s racked up over 19 million YouTube subscribers and more than 5 billion views and a website that gets 3 million unique monthly visitors, powered by such popular online series as “Red vs. Blue,” “RWBY,” “The Gauntlet,” “Rooster Teeth Shorts” and “Immersion.” Last month, it debuted its first feature film, “Lazer Team,” in theaters and online, where it’s a YouTube Red exclusive.

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