Rumble Launches Mobile Apps, Welcomes New Distribution Partners

By Sahil Patel

Rumble, an online video platform and distribution company that wants to compete with the likes of YouTube and Dailymotion, has launched an app for iOS and Android devices.

If you’re not familiar with Rumble, here’s a quick breakdown: The company runs a website for “premium” video content, as well as a distribution network that places content across partner outlets like Yahoo, MSN, Xbox, Bell Media, and the Toronto Sun. Recently, the company added AOL, Resignation Media, and Daily Mail to its roster of digital distribution partners.

It’s all part of Rumble’s pitch to YouTube creators — that while YouTube commands a significant share of audience and attention on the web, it doesn’t control all. Rumble can get your content in front of a larger percentage of the online video-viewing market, and then share revenue associated with that larger viewership.

Beyond that, Rumble is also able to get TV placements for creators, according to company founder and CEO Chris Pavlovski. “Some of our creators’ content has been featured on CNN, Discovery, ABC’s ‘Good Morning America,’ etc,” he says.

The new Rumble mobile app extends the company’s capabilities to mobile devices, where a significant chunk of short-form video consumption is happening. Available for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store, the app functions as both a video-viewing platform and a way for Rumble creators to manage their video library. Viewer-centric features include push notifications for trending video clips and in-app channel subscriptions. Creator features include video management, revenue reporting, and a cash out functionality.

“The most important short-form video is being captured on smartphones,” says Pavlovski. “In order for Rumble to become top-of-mind for video creators, we need to make it easy for them to get content to us. This is our first step.”

At the moment, Rumble says it hosts videos from more than 7,000 creators, and tops more than 100 million streams a month due to its O-and-O platforms and distribution network.