Starz Sets up International Streaming Service — Starz Play

Today from MIPCOM, which is taking place in Cannes, France, US-based pay-TV provider Starz has confirmed it will launch a new international streaming service — Starz Play — created in partnership with Peter Ekelund’s Parsifal Entertainment.

According to a report from Financial Times, Parsifal, which also helped launch a standalone version of HBO Go in the Nordic region, will help the premium OTT service roll out in Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

“What we focused on is how quickly and dramatically HBO succeeded with its Nordic programme,” said Chris Albrecht, Starz chief executive — and the former chief executive of HBO, told FT.

Starz has already been dabbling in the original video programming for digital-first distribution in the US over the past year. The company’s Starz Digital Media division also launched a YouTube Comedy Channel — Union Pool — and bundled Bernie Su’s hyper-successful cult adaptations — “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” and “Emma Approved” — for pay distribution across various services like iTunes and Amazon Prime.

The launch of an OTT service shouldn’t come as a surprise then as multiple pay-TV services and legacy cable providers, including Comcast, evolve their streaming strategies in response to the massive boom in online and mobile video viewing.

There’s no word as of yet on what the pay model and content library to be made accessible on Starz Play.

VideoInk has reached out to Starz for an update and will report new information as it becomes available.

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