Study: Consumers Trust Influencers 94% More than Friends or Family When Making Shopping Decisions

Influencers are a hot topic in the world of digital media, with brands routinely seeking out social media stars to partner with for promotional pushes. But how much do these influencers really affect sales and drive brand awareness?

A new study from influencer marketing platform and shopper marketing agency Geometry Global discovered upwards of 90% of social media users are persuaded to make a purchase after seeing social media content, with 33% of these users stating influencers are trusted sources when making shopping decisions.

Revealed at VidCon on June 22, the and Geometry Global study covered the responses of about 1000 respondents ranging in age from Gen Z to millennials to baby boomers. Of these, only 17% trusted friends and family members for shopping decisions, which is almost half as much as they trust influencers. Additionally, the survey respondents noted their trust in influencers above traditional celebrities at a rate of seven to one.

As for video’s role in influencer marketing opportunities, and Geometry Global found the media format is the most effective way to communicate with consumers. In fact, 75% of respondents said video was more “enjoyable, relevant, believable, and credible” than other types of content. And in terms of driving sales, video is twice as effective as other formats, especially for categories including fashion, food and beverages, electronics, and health and beauty.

“The way we shop and buy goods has experienced a seismic shift due to the Internet and the power of social media,” said Jessica Thorpe, President of “The intersection of influencer marketing and video are reshaping the landscape for brands and retailers. Alone the tactics are powerful. Together they are unstoppable at influencing the shopper journey.”

To read more of and Geometry Global’s findings, you can click here to view or download the study.