The Orchard Merges Its Action-Sports Library with Fanclub Media

Film/TV distributor The Orchard and digital distributor Fanclub Media are combining their action-sports film and TV catalogs.

Together, the companies claim to own digital distribution rights to more than 1,000 productions, including “On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter,” a sports movie from Red Bull Media House and The Orchard, which will debut on iTunes on February 17. Additional titles will come out via Fanclub following that release.

Per the merger deal, Fanclub Media’s CEO, Jim Martin, and VP, Marc Cuevas, will work with The Orchard teams in LA and New York. Martin will head acquisitions and marketing, while Cuevas will manage clients.

Meanwhile, existing Fanclub clients will get access to various services offered by The Orchard, including its global network of digital retailers, video operations and sales and marketing teams, and YouTube expertise. (In addition to its distribution business, The Orchard operates a multi-channel network on YouTube, which it primarily uses to promote titles within its library.)

Fanclub was founded in 2008 by Martin and has been launching and distributing action-sports content digitally ever since.